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Common ion effect Wikipedia The Common Ion Effect Introduction to Chemistry Through the addition of common ions, the solubility of a compound generally decreases due to a shift in equilibrium The common ion effect also plays a role in the regulation of buffers Buffering solutions contain either an acid or base, accompanied by its conjugate counterpart. Common ion effect and buffers video Khan Academy The common ion effect describes the effect on equilibrium that occurs when a common ion an ion that is already contained in the solution is added to a solution The common ion effect generally decreases solubility of a solute It also can have an effect on buffering solutions, as adding conjugate ions may shift the pH of the solution. What Is the Common Ion Effect ThoughtCo Jan , Example of the Common Ion Effect The result is that some of the chloride is removed and made into lead II chloride The common ion effect occurs whenever you have a sparingly soluble compound The compound will become less soluble in any solution containing a common ion While the lead chloride example featured a common anion, the same principle applies to a common cation. Ion Effect, The Fred Soyka Books The ocean is the worlds largest negative ion generator and the result of one sitting in a pool of negative ions is the feeling of health and serenity Cities and polluted areas tend to create positive ions which are unhealthy and destructive to our health and well being. The Common Ion Effect ChemTeam The Common Ion Effect The solubility of insoluble substances can be decreased by the presence of a common ion AgCl will be our example AgCl is an ionic substance and, when a tiny bit of it dissolves in solution, it dissociates %, into silver ions Ag and chloride ions


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