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Thirteen-year-old Amy is babysitting Malcolm, an eight-year-old with a reputation for making up stories. When he tells her he's witnessed the kidnapping of a schoolmate, Amy doesn't know if she should believe him....

Title : Jennifer-the-Jerk Is Missing
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ISBN : 9780671865788
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 135 Pages
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Jennifer-the-Jerk Is Missing Reviews

  • C Hutsell
    2019-05-01 19:46

    definitely for young readers, but fun, fast, and cute.

  • Chris
    2019-04-29 16:44

    Jennifer-the-Jerk Is Missing wastes no time getting started. Right in the first chapter, we are introduced to the characters, and it isn't long before the mystery starts. 13 year old Amy hates babysitting Malcolm, a bratty 8-year-old who, according to his parents, has a habit of making up stories and telling lies. When Malcolm witnesses what he thinks is the kidnapping of his classmate, even brattier 8-year-old Jennifer Smith, Amy takes it in stride, considering not only Malcolm's reputation for making things up, but also the fact that what he witnessed had a perfectly logical explanation. Further investigation, along with much arguing with Malcolm, ultimately proves that he's right, and she finally jumps into action to try to set things right. This is a pretty fun little story. There's a lot of personality in the characters. Malcolm is a constant brat, first rejecting Amy and telling her that he doesn't have to do anything she tells him, and that he's going to do things on his own. Afraid of getting in trouble with Malcolm's strict parents as well as her own, she follows along, even as she tries to reign him in and keep him out of trouble. Both characters are trying to do the right thing, though they don't necessarily agree on what "the right thing" is. Malcolm believes fervently that he witnessed a kidnapping and he must stop it, while Amy thinks Malcolm made the whole thing up and it's her duty to stop him from getting out of hand. Once Malcolm's fears are proven true, however, Amy quickly leaps to his side. Since the police don't believe them (due to Malcolm's many tall tales in the past), the two take it upon themselves to rescue Jennifer. What was rather unexpected is that the mood shifts once they get there. The book starts out suspenseful, with dashes of character humor sprinkled throughout the proceedings. Once they reach the kidnappers' hideout, the mood totally changes. The suspense ramps up considerably, but the humor ramps up even moreso, overshadowing the suspense and changing the story into a comedy of sorts. Jennifer is just as bratty as Malcolm said she was. Tied to a chair and gagged, she actually laughs beneath her gag at Amy and Malcolm, and proves to be very ungrateful. Not terribly realistic, but fun.I liked this book a lot. I like suspense, though I generally tend to dislike mood-altering humor. What surprised me, though, was how much I actually liked the mood of this book even with the humor. Instead of falling apart and becoming annoying, it became fun for me. This is naturally very subjective, but I did have a fun time with it. Once I was able to appreciate it for what it was, the story became pretty enjoyable.Overall, a pretty fun read. Recommended for anyone who'd like a more light-hearted mystery/adventure story.

  • Anna
    2019-05-01 18:52

    This was one of the books I read in the 2nd grade when I was allowed to read the chapter books at the school library. This was such a fun book I'd love to reread.