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Clickity, clackity. Clickity, clackity.The roller coaster car is going up, up, up to the highest spot. And at least one of the people in the car has never ridden on a roller coaster before . . . ever. Wheeeeeeee! Get ready to experience the thrill of riding a coaster for the very first time in this vibrant new adventure from acclaimed picture book creator Marla Frazee....

Title : Roller Coaster
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ISBN : 9780152057442
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Roller Coaster Reviews

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    2019-04-03 16:46

    Check out more Picture book reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...People line up to ride a roller coaster and the reader gets to follow a little girl as she goes through the whole process. We picked this book up because of the topic and the cover art was cute. We arrive at the amusement park where the roller coaster dominates the scene. A little girl and her dad are the focus of the book as she has never ridden on a roller coaster before. There is this subtle sense of anticipation that is also tinged with a bit of fear. As she and her dad take each step forward to actually loading into the car to ride the coaster she becomes more comfortable with the idea of actually riding it.The illustrations are good and I liked how many of them are framed but I thought they would wow me more. It isn't that they aren't showing the story in a good way but turning each page didn't seem to change much. I didn't get an organic sense of something happening and of people moving which is an odd feeling for a book about a roller coaster. In the end the girl did something new and enjoyed herself. I liked the message of the book which was subtle and not directly pointed out.My nephew loved the actual spreads where the people were on the ride with the noises that the car and people make as they whip by. Each book we read together he chooses a spread to redraw. He chose the upside down spread and did a cute job replicating it. We chuckled together over the muscled guy who refused to ride it and his friends who were sick afterwards. We talked about the two black girls who really were enjoying themselves as well as the little girl who went of the roller coaster for the second time.BOTTOM LINE: It's good to try new things...______________________You can find this review and many others on my book blog @ Perspective of a Writer. See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo's Picture Gallery...

  • Kathryn
    2019-04-05 16:05

    So cute! I love Marla Frazee's illustrations and her penchant for detail, humor, warmth and diversity is all on display here as a little girl prepares for her first ride on roller coaster. It's great how the story focuses on her, yet you also get to experience how many other people approach a ride on the roller coaster. (I got a chuckle out of the buff, manly-man chickening out at the last minute; and loved the adorable elderly couple and the sweet young Asian couple on the roller coaster ride). Recommended for Marla Frazee fans or for young readers who love roller coasters or who might wonder what a ride on the roller coaster is like.

  • Cat
    2019-04-24 18:58

    All the fun of riding a roller coaster! I have been dragged kicking and screaming onto many coasters in my life (figuratively speaking, of course!) and I really do find the story kind of coaster much more fun! This was a fun book for both roller coaster enthusiasts and anyone looking forward to being old enough or tall enough to ride one. Lots of action in this story; the illustrations capture the excitement of the hills, turns and loops very well! This book really brings back the feeling of being in an amusement park on a sunny summer day!

  • Carolynne
    2019-04-02 20:11

    I love Marla Frazee! I first encountered her work in _A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever_ (Caldecott Honor Book), which was a wry, humorous look at sleepaway camp, and just today have read _Hush, Little Baby_ and this one. The story is simple--a brave little girl and her Dad get on a roller coaster along with a bunch of other people. But the design of the book is splendid: without setting foot in an amusement park you feel the swirls and whirls and swoops of the roller coaster and by the end of the ride you feel you know the other riders without a word of dialogue: There are the two burly guys whose stomachs don't travel at the same speed as the coaster (I'm trying to put this politely), the little guy who loses his propeller cap, the affectionate young woman who wears a hat with antennae, the giggling dark-skinned twins and the older couple fresh off the farm whose joy at the ride is unalloyed, and our intrepid heroine, barely tall enough to make it on the ride, whose VERY FIRST roller coaster ride it is. Children will enjoy following the characters, even some of those who do not make it on the coaster, throughout the book.

  • Jim Erekson
    2019-04-07 17:04

    This is right up there with the best visual work I've seen from Marla Frazee. She isn't at her strongest when she's in charge of both words and pictures, but her best visual strengths are clear for me in this book. A cinematic, almost IMAX picturebook! In her first two pages she gave me no less than sixty-nine unique figure drawings. On the next page turn, she pulled out all the stops and gave me the expanse of a full coaster filling the spread. The back and forth between the figures and the dynamic guiding lines is amazing. She either used the whole spread to contain something expansive, or else suggested the expanse by framing things to bleed off the edge of the page. A lot of fun to look at repeatedly.

  • Lisa Vegan
    2019-04-13 19:46

    Well, I love roller coasters and I enjoy bringing kids for their first rides.

  • Steve Holden
    2019-04-14 18:51

    I've long used this book to connect with young students - it shows/tells of a very similar and engaging experience for them - and then get them thinking of the physics behind such a fun and frightening adventure. We spend time within our standards on forces and motion, and of course, gravity, and this fun tale gets the topic up for discussion in exciting ways. As a picture book. this one has wonderful, witty details. This one can certainly be enjoyed and discussed without reading any text. I also find this book to be commonly in hands throughout the year because of the fun content, and sometimes kids just want to have something that gets them thinking of good times and fun moments.

  • Sharla Bazen
    2019-03-26 19:53

    Genre: Children's Picture Book (MAISA Mentor Text)Unique feature: This book is great for adding sound words to our writing. The book also plays with the positioning and sizing of the words to keep the attention of the students (they thought it was fun). Grade level suggested: 1-3

  • Brett
    2019-04-25 17:56

    I just loved this! Funny, because I can't stand roller coasters...

  • Shanna
    2019-04-16 12:09

    Used to teach writing in a third grade class that I was observing, this book is heavy on onomatopoeias and is a personal narrative about a first roller coaster ride.

  • Brittany
    2019-04-24 16:01

    This is the perfect book to give kids afraid to ride roller coasters. Easy to understand and it details the fears, ride, etc. A fun read for the theme-park-going families.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-30 14:08

    Fun to read at a marble run storytime.

  • Taylor
    2019-04-11 13:59

    "This is my favorite book," said the 2 years and 5 month old Taylor

  • Michelle
    2019-04-17 19:49

    I love this book. And yes, after reading it, I wanted to find the nearest roller coaster and ride a few times! Wonderful illustrations that tell the story along with the words.

  • Carrie
    2019-04-01 13:01

    Great details in the art, fun to read aloud, and a nice implication that (sometimes) scary things turn out to be your favorite!

  • Maggie Harshaw
    2019-04-07 11:46

    DRA Level:18Lexile: AD490LApplicable Traits: word choice and presentation.This book is a cute book that would get students from pre-k to first or second grade interested in books because of the fun way the words are shown through out

  • Goshen PL Childrens
    2019-04-08 17:56

    Family Science Night - MayPerfectly fun ride about a first roller coaster ride!

  • Shel
    2019-03-27 13:11

    Frazee, M. (2003). Roller Coaster. New York: Harcourt, Inc.0152045546As a picturebook, Roller Coaster introduces its reader to the process of riding a roller coaster, from waiting in line before, to the rules about height, to the decision over whether to scream and hold up your arms, to having wobbly legs after. While a number of different types of people choose to ride the roller coaster (and some decide not to at the last moment), the reader is most closely positioned with a young girl who is riding for the first time.The illustrations are entertaining. I was especially amused by the stereotypical tough guys who appear a wee bit nauseous at the end of the ride. But the illustrations also show hats falling away from the roller coaster riders and birds snapping to pick them up. I also liked the two page spread that showed the entire roller coaster's path. A teacher or parent could encourage a student to trace the path with their finger.Activities to Do with the Book:A great book to introduce readers to their first roller coaster, it eases children into the experience instead of say...a mother and father not telling their daughter how fast the ride would go and then allowing her to ping-pong back and forth between their bodies as she sits in complete terror. Don't worry. She eventually got over it. I loves me my roller coasters.A teacher could also introduce some of the science behind how roller coasters work, considering both the mechanical and physical aspects.Of course, a teacher could also allow students to take some time and draw (or construct in a video game) their ideal/perfect roller coaster, even if it defies gravity and does loops around the moon.Also, since the child who has never ridden a roller coaster before is never explicitly identified by the text (although it is implied by the illustrations), the readers can engage in a guessing game of who they think the first-time rider is.Favorite Quotes:“All of these people are waiting in line for the roller coaster.""At least one of them has never ridden on a roller coaster before.""S-l-o-w-l-y the train is pulled up the hill by a chain. Clckity, clackity, clickity, clackity. Up. Up. Up. And then...WHOOSH!"For more of my reviews, visit

  • Alyssa Calhoun
    2019-04-18 16:59

    My AK students loved, loved this one....which means this librarian did too!

  • Meghan Takayoshi
    2019-04-13 18:55

    This book explains the experience which people get when they go on a roller coaster. The narrator gives a detailed synopsis of what people feel during a roller coaster, the sounds people hear during a roller coaster, and the rules of the roller coaster. This book is very detailed and the language which the author uses makes the book seem like a reliable source if someone wanted to know what riding a roller coaster might be like. The book uses different sounds to describe the motion of the roller coaster and is all around a very cute and relatable book to how people feel when they go on a roller coaster. This book would be good to share for if a class was going on a field trip to an amusement park. I got the chance to do that once as a kid and it was the most fun experience. This book could also be used during a writing class because it can be used as an example for the students to follow and create there own stories which sounds and feelings are described in. This book could also be used in an individual readers theatre lesson, students could practice this basic language and also use tone to practice correct dialect while reading the book.Frazee, M. (2003). Roller coaster. San Diego, CA. Harcourt.

  • Bruce
    2019-04-15 17:47

    A ride on a roller coaster complete with the anxious anticipation and thrilling sensations is vividly portrayed, along with the varied reactions of its riders in this colorful picture book.The sound effects, music and Rubinate’s chipper narration are an excellent complement to Frazee’s bright and vigorously composed and detailed graphite and watercolor illustrations. On the double page spread where the entire roller coaster is first seen (1:30 into the 2d track, 6th and 7th page), the narrative is framed by sounds. As the eye takes in the large ride, a background voice reads the name of the coaster from the illustration on the lower verso page, then Rubinate narrates the text, the background voice comes in to read the caution sign in the illustration, once again on the lower verso page; the music swells and swirls accompanied by excited crowd voices; these fade to the cry of the gulls high over the coaster at the top of the recto page. This attention to detail is evident throughout the recording. Rubinate even manages to get in a cheerful laugh in the middle of the “ALL-L-L-L-L-L L-L-L-L-L” of “AND GOES ALL-L-L-L-L-L L-L-L-L-L THE WAY AROUND’ on the 24th and 25th pages.

  • Drew Graham
    2019-04-25 11:43

    Most everyone has experienced the thrill of riding a roller coaster. At the same time, everyone's experience with riding a roller coaster, whether for the first or hundredth time, is all their own. In this story, one little girl takes her first ride, along with a handful of a variety of ridegoers, with mixed results.Marla Frazee's first book was actually not a baby book (though that was how we first discovered her). This short and funny journey of a group of roller coaster riders is a great illustration of how everyone's experience of thrill rides is unique. It was great to follow along with all the characters and watch as the scenes and the ride unfolded. There wasn't any dialogue, just a sort of narration of what a roller coaster does (with plenty of sound effects for fun out-loud reading), but there were still many distinct characters and stories told. Another hit from MF!

  • Stephanie Croaning
    2019-04-02 19:56

    The text of this book uses easily understood language and takes us through all the steps of riding on a roller coaster. Our main character is a young girl, riding for the first time. The author doesn't focus or even identify her until the very end. We get to live, through the illustrations, all the different experiences that people have. As the ride gets going, the illustrations make you feel part of the ride. Be sure to note the expressions on all the rider's faces; I love the older couple!This would be a great book to use to model sequencing and predicting. It's fun to meet the characters in line, form an idea of who they are, and then follow them throughout the ride to see how they like the experience. You could also read this book to kids before their first trip to the amusement park. It really is a great introduction! This is a, well-crafted book all around.

  • Elizabeth Littleton
    2019-04-23 14:57

    Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee follows a girl and her dad through their experience of riding a roller coaster. It is an excellent mentor text to use for teaching writing skills including BME, sequence, voice and sentence fluency. For younger students I would read aloud this book to have students identify and give the main idea of the beginning, middle and end of the story. To demonstrate voice, I would have the students pay attention to the facial expressions and body language in the illustrations of the characters in the book during each part. For older students I would focus on sentence fluency and variation as it corresponds with the action in the book. When the main character is waiting in the long line, the sentences are long; while they are are on the roller coaster the sentences are short.

  • Michaela
    2019-04-18 18:04

    RealisticPreschool - 1st/2nd gadeThis is the story of a little girl who works up the courage to ride a roller coaster for the first time. The illustrations and text do a great job of taking the reader on the roller coaster ride along with the little girl. I love how Frazee has the text hang in the air like a car waiting to go over the edge. And, her illustrations race along and capture each moment perfectly. For an older group I might ask the kids to design/draw a roller coaster, name it, and write a few sentences using describing words to talk about. For younger kids I might ask them to describe how it might feel to ride a roller coaster and then have them write or draw their answers.

  • Kandice Buck
    2019-04-22 18:02

    This book will either be mirrored or looked through a window from the children. This book has great details and is entertaining if you have ridden a roller coaster before or if you have not. It discusses the different emotions and how different people feel before riding the roller coaster. This book is about going to the amusement park and explains how in each line there is at least on person who has not ridden the roller coaster before. This a great book to read to the children because it is full of emotion and the illustrations feed off of the words. There will be children who have ridden a roller coaster before and will be able to relate the book. There will also be children who have not ridden the roller coaster before but will be able to mirror the emotions through the book.

  • JennE
    2019-04-12 13:54

    Not only is Roller Coaster a terrific book to use with children, I've used it in professional development. It's a great story to use to illustrate letting go and taking a risk. With Common Core standards, there are some practices we need to let go.... and just jump on and ride. Remember, there are others riding with you! Kids and adults love this book. Rollercoaster was Frazee's first book she authored and illustrated... and she does an excellent job of telling the story in pictures and in words. Use this as a mentor text with children to teach memoir and how to stretch their memory to focus on one event.

  • Alys Munoz
    2019-04-19 12:44

    • Students learn about Onomatopoeias, and use it in their writing • They learn to use descriptive words• New Vocabulary WordsTEKS:(21) Oral and Written Conventions/Conventions. Students understand the function of and use the conventions of academic language when speaking and writing. Students continue to apply earlier standards with greater complexity. Students are expected to:(C) distinguish among declarative and interrogative sentences(19) Writing. Students write about their own experiences. Students are expected to write about important personal experiences.

  • Cherina
    2019-04-12 15:58

    Summary: A girl rides a roller coaster for the first time in her life. She is scared at first, but by the end of the ride, she wants to go on it again.Uses: great read-aloud story, a good example for onomatopoeia in literature, recommended independent reading for early readers, recommended for students who like or are interested in roller coasters Literary Devices: onomatopoeia and imagery Social issues: overcoming your fearsOther: fun illustrations, a good example of ways to make predictions before and during a story

  • Heather
    2019-04-03 13:42

    25 months - O loves to ask for a Roller Coaster ride which in her opinion is sitting in her stroller or on her trike and having some one push her in a jerky side to side motion going fast. Almost colliding into things and veering away at the last second. So I thought this book would be great for her to experience what a real coaster was without taking a ride. Very well written and great graphics. There is a build of anticipation and feelings as the cars slowly hit the top... then the long pause... and swoosh! Exhilaration. A fun read!