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Reviewed on Can't Put It Down Reviews: "Having just finished this novel, I immediately took it upstairs to my 13 year old stepdaughter and said, 'You have to read this!' She gave me a quizzical look and I said, 'Yes, it is THAT good!'" Kristin Faraday has a power. A terrible power. Trapped in the small and suffocating town of Winterhaven, Kristin worries because she's difReviewed on Can't Put It Down Reviews: "Having just finished this novel, I immediately took it upstairs to my 13 year old stepdaughter and said, 'You have to read this!' She gave me a quizzical look and I said, 'Yes, it is THAT good!'" Kristin Faraday has a power. A terrible power. Trapped in the small and suffocating town of Winterhaven, Kristin worries because she's different from her family and friends. Different from the boy she loves. She knows other people's secrets because she can tell, with certainty, when they're lying to her. She doesn't realize this ability is a "gift" from Mrs. Norton, the woman who murdered her father. When Mrs. Norton and her family return to Winterhaven, Kristin discovers she's the only one who can see them for what they truly are. The family isn't human. They feed on humans. Mrs. Norton is aware that Kristin is the one person who can stop them - if she only knew how. But that's one secret Kristin Faraday hasn't learned.... Reviewed on Adventures in Trash: "And as for Gideon...well, can I say how much I love it that the obligatory one-way swooning is Kristin's love for Gideon, rather than Gideon's love for Kristin? Or that the elements that keep them apart are explained by stuff that happens in the story? Again, I can't tell you too much about this; the fun of seeing the authors' meticulous plot unfolding around you like a fantastically good piece of origami is just too good to ruin. " Reviewed on Nose in a Book Reviews: The plot was gripping and made The Atheist's Daughter fly by. It was well written and I loved the dark tone of the novel Reviewed on Adventures in Trash: "It's hard for a YA novel to have scenes which are genuinely chilling to an adult reader while remaining age-appropriate, but this book pulls it off. Like all truly great horror writing, the writing takes us right up to the edge of the terror and then tantalizingly pulls away again, leaving just enough detail for the reader to fill in the blanks with awful stuff."...

Title : The Atheist's Daughter
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ISBN : 9780982922149
Format Type : Paperback
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The Atheist's Daughter Reviews

  • Emma
    2019-04-09 18:44

    Kristin Faraday is finding life after high school difficult: she can’t manage to find a job and leave the small town of Winterhaven. Kristin is also known as a local nutcase after spending time in a psychiatric hospital when she was younger. But Kristin isn’t crazy: she can tell when people are lying to her. Although she doesn’t know it, it was the mysterious Mrs. Norton who gave her this gift, before murdering Kristin’s father. When Mrs. Norton reappears in Winterhaven accompanied by her family members, Kristin seems to be the only person who can see them for what they really are. Thanks to her strange gift, she might be able to stop Mrs. Norton and her companions from terrorizing the citizens of Winterhaven. Will Kristin be able to protect the peoples she loves from the monsters who have taken so much from her?Let me just start by saying that I love how this book is dedicated to “Danger and Adventure.” I thought that was amazing! This book starts off with Kristin’s diary entries from her time in a psychiatric hospital. These worked very well as an introduction and they also appeared sporadically throughout the novel. I loved these entries because they showed so much of Kristin’s personality. I could relate to Kristin: other than her ability to see whether someone is lying, she’s pretty average. She’s stuck living at home and can’t manage to get a job. I loved Kristin’s relationship with her Mom, and enjoyed all of the secondary characters. I’m looking forward to learning more about Hawkins and Liz in the next novel in the series. Mrs. Norton and her family members were pretty creepy, and made excellent villains. They were very original and helped make this book memorable. The plot was gripping and made reading The Atheist’s Daughter fly by. It was well written and I loved the dark tone of the novel. The plot was fairly fast paced and unique. I wish it had been more character driven, but I think that’s just my preference, not an actual flaw of the novel. I would definitely recommend this as a Halloween read (or just an every-day read,) since it was eerie and unique. 3.5/5

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-24 11:57

    Having just finished this novel, I immediatly took it upstairs to my 13 year old step-daughter and said "You HAVE to read this!" She gave me a quizzical look and I said "yes, it is THAT good!" I am in love with this book, the characters, the storyline, the writing style, and especially the cover!!! Only a handful of covers have really gave me that 'wow' factor this year and this one had me. The story starts with a entry of Kristin's diary, given to her by Dr. Ron at the mental institute where she spent about a year of her life. Why was she locked up? Well because Kristin is different, she can tell when someone is lying to her by how their mouths change (which is quite creepy when you read about it) and she freaked out at school when she witnessed it happen to a classmate. With only two people she can actually call friends, Hawkins, the pastor's son, and Liz ,she can't tell anyone what she sees because for one, no one will believe her and for two, they will just have her committed again. So not only does she feel like the town outcast because she has spent time locked up, she doesn't really have anyone she can tell these things to, feels like her town of Winterhaven is an eternal dead-end for her future, and just wants to get away. But with no money, no job prospects, no car, and her mom wanting to keep her at home forever it isn't looking good. When the local cafe is re-opened, Kristin knows something is NOT right with the new tenants but no one can see what she can see. They are not vampires, werewolves, not demons but they will suck your soul out if you have at least five good years of life left.'s just call them "things" gave me the heebie jeebies, seriously! I still have the willies and goosebumps just thinking about them, everything about them. When her mother's best friend turns up dead, and the "things" start becoming greedy and careless, the fight for Kristin's life becomes personal. Will she be able to stop the "things" before anyone else ends up unwillingly giving up their soul? Well, I'm not going to tell, you will have to read this outstanding novel yourself to find out!I had to read this with the lights on. I am still creeped out. I am honored that I was asked to read and review this novel by the authors. I am excited for the second book in this Winterhaven series, The Preacher's Son, to be released. I will be re-reading this one again. A lot of action and story in a quick read for only $2.99!! Highly recommended five star read!

  • Carol Oates
    2019-04-22 17:57

    This book was hard work for me and took a while to get through. It left me a little confused because I felt like giving up on it so many times but at the same time I really wanted to know what happened at the end. A lot goes on in this story and I got a spooky Stephen King vibe from it, which was funny because King got a mention at one point. The characters were well developed and diverse, the writing flowed like silk and the descriptions were vivid enough to place me right in the center of the story. On the other hand, I spent 95% of the story with no clue to what the main character was, who the creatures were or where it was all headed. Then it got to the end and I felt as if I'd been slapped around the head a few times with a deluge of information. Suddenly it all seems like the entire book was a set up for a series, like a pilot episode of a show about to be filmed. So why the 4 stars? Because if this is the pilot, I would certainly watch the series. Yes, by the end I was hooked on these characters and this story. I think this book it well worth taking a chance on.

  • Vanessa
    2019-04-10 15:52

    Two things about this book that really caught my attention; the strangely striking cover that spelled ‘haunting!’ loudly and its summary that outwardly differentiate The Atheist’s Daughter from other paranormal stories. A huge ghost stories fan myself, I could tell (well, quite literary) if the book would scare the living hell out of you after reading it or not and thankfully, TAD falls into the first category. However, one thing I found out about TAD having finished the book is that, it wasn’t just an ordinary ‘ghost’ story. In fact, it was far from being one, it was much more than that in the most quirky way. All in all, The Atheist’s Daughter was an enjoyable yet creepy read. It had the much-needed suspense I typically looked for in any young adult paranormal story. I expected much from this book when I first got it and I am glad that it was all worthwhile.full review at:

  • Natasha
    2019-04-06 14:53

    The last 30% wasn't an improvement. This story could have been pretty awesome if only it made some damn sense and wasn't confusing as hell. Nothing truly gets explained. You jump from character to character.. when some are talking it's like overhearing half of someone's conversation. Some of it was just random nonsense that could have been omitted. I was really hoping this book would have picked up and explained things better but it didn't.. the ONLY reason I finished this was the hope it would improve since the premise was unique. Would not recommend.

  • Katrina
    2019-04-21 11:51

    First Read Win... To start off loved the cover. Thought it was amazingly haunting. Such a beautiful cover. Now onto the book. It was sort of hard to finish since I was reading a few other books also, but I loved the story line. I can relate to the main character as it's hard to get a job right now and I also want to get out of where i am. I loved the twist of she isn't crazy and how she can tell if someone is lying to her. That would be an amazing gift to have. By all means this book was a great read so happy I won it.

  • Berrynana
    2019-04-23 17:48

    So many unanswered questions on this book, I hope a sequel is in the works!

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-30 16:05

    I'm torn between 3 & 4 stars. Interesting take on the vampire mythos. Quick, easy read even though it was a bit confusing in places. Overall, I enjoyed it.

  • Trisha
    2019-03-31 18:02


  • Stephanie Huard
    2019-04-06 18:56

    Very good, well written and easy to read. I loved it! Hope there will be a sequel

  • Melissa
    2019-04-15 13:59

    The Atheist's Daughter is an entertaining story with origanal monsters and a girl trying to do the best she can with the life she's dealt.

  • Wren
    2019-04-26 12:45

    Very much a Stephen King type novel. Well written and good characters, A sequel should be worth doing perhaps describing the unanswered questions?

  • Renée Harrell
    2019-04-12 13:03